Vazquez and Macri meeting in Anchorena

The Uruguayan government has made significant progress at the summit of presidents of Anchorena

At the meeting they had yesterday in Anchorena, Tabaré Vázquez and Mauricio Macri agreed, among other items, to promote a "binational strategic plan of ports policy." Within this point, it would be the elimination of obstacles to the discharge of Argentine goods in Uruguayan ports.

In conversation with Montevideo Portal, the president of the National Port Authority, Alberto Diaz, Argentina welcomed the decision to lift the measures that prevented ships merchandise to make transshipment Argentina Uruguay.

"It's a very important story;. Had lost the ability to move Argentina load transportation, back in 2013 and she had in the overall numbers Any operator who was very played the Argentina burden must have had significant losses" Diaz said. He said the government's decision to Mauricio Macri "will have immediate consequences."

This morning, Foreign Minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa highlighted as "a big step" for Uruguay removing these restrictions.


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